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10. Understanding each other, building connection, learning about generations with Lindsay Boccardo

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

With me today Linsday Boccardo!

Lindsay is fascinated by generations in the workplace and a world - wide recognized Millennial expert.

She helps teams and organisations to work better together.

With four generations of employees in the workforce right now, leaders are looking for new ways to help their organization stand out, recruit, retain and engage the talent on their teams. And with the current Great Resignation going on, this is more relevant than ever.

In previous shows the question was raised a couple of times already, what will the leadership of the future look like and do we have reasons to be optimistic or pessimistic about more heart and soul in our businesses. And I just kept on thinking, wait till we have Lindsay in the show, she will have all the answers …….

Lindsay travelled the world as a drummer and while she was doing that she learned that one thing united all people, besides the music; they all wanted to talk after the shows, about themselves.

Taking that fascination to the next level , after her music career Lindsay specialised as a coach and leadership expert focussing on the topics around the different generations in our organisations.

Lindsay is a keynote speaker on these topics, travels the US to help organisations understand and overcome the challenges with multiple generations in one organisations , she also has her own show on YouTube called the Porch.

But there is so much more to Lindsay, she is also the host of the podcast show the woods where she explores her own spiritual and growth journey outside of the church she grew up in, together with her partner Lauren.

I have learned so much in this show so as always it is hard to boil it down to 3 things but hopefully these 3 will trigger you enough to go and listen to the whole show!

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  1. How successful a leader is in leading different generations within an organisation is very much influenced by the amount of space the leader can create to listen . Listening skills define the amount of conflicts in organisations

  2. when we talk about generation it is important to distinguish what is generational and what is developmental. When we talk about 18-year old, let's not forget the brains have not fully developed yet so they will act differently to certain situations. This can continue up until mid or even late twenties!

  3. the next generation of leaders and their success will be measured by their ability to put together a diverse group of people and create an effective and compassionate team. In order to do this leaders MUST be able to practice modern communication skills. Of course we explore what they look like in the show

And this are the books or people Lindsay mentioned as her current sources of inspiration:

  1. . Mel Robbins (yes again, Liza Engel also had her on her list!

  2. Essentialism by Greg McKweon, The Way of the Essentialist involves doing less, but better, so you can make the highest possible contribution.

  3. Hardwiring Happiness, by Rick Hanson How to use Positive Neuroplasticity to change your brain and your life for the better.

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Enjoy the show and don't forget to share it if you like it ;)



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