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Individual Coaching

Are you a Senior Leader and lacking energy? Are you at a crossroad in your career or maybe even in your life? Do you feel that you could make a bigger impact in the world around you if you only knew how?

I use a Transformational coaching approach, rooted in Neuroscience and behavioral and positive psychology to create mindset shifts, resulting in sustainable, long-lasting change. Through this journey, you will be able to reconnect with your purpose and unleash your full potential. 

How does individual coaching work?

(Free) Chemistry Session

I like to start any new coaching relationship with a chemistry session. It gives both of us an opportunity to get to know the other and decide if we will work well together. The chemistry call is without any obligations and you will receive an offer for the journey after we have decided if we are the right match. 

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is a way of working with a client that moves beyond the surface of the presenting topic. It fundamentally impacts all of ‘who you are’.  It enables people to have a different relationship with themselves, in how they see, think, feel and behave in situations as well as in their interactions with others.


Our 1:1 coaching sessions are completely confidential and designed at a pace that works best for you.

Behaviour Shifts

Lasting change comes from behavioural change. I believe this type of change is only sustainable when an individual looks at a challenge or situation with a different mindset. You can expect at least six months of coaching to uncover the "aha" moments that drive the mindset shifts needed to bring about long-lasting, sustainable change. Embarking on a journey like this requires real commitment and willingness to change. With that we can create magic! 

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