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01. How soulful leadership is a journey, not a destination, an honest conversation with Liza Engel

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

In this very first show I talk to Liza Engel on what it means to be a soulful leader

Liza is the Chief People Officer (CPO) for Deloitte Switzerland.

She believes that great ideas come from great people. For Liza people are always the starting and the ending point of succesful businesses and after 20 years of working in Marketing & Communications, the last 3,5 years Liza has transformed the HR function of one of the leading professional services firms in Switzerland. She is a member of the Executive team were she works diligently to lead the firm towards becoming a more purpose-led organization where people can make a true impact. She is a member of the North South Europe People and Purpose Executive team (for people who have no clue what that is, that means she also gets to do her amazing work at a European level)

I myself have the joy of working with Liza and I have gotten to know her as compassionate, smart, visionary leader who will always have the back of her people. Liza does not shy away from confrontations and does that in a such graceful and compassionate way that it just leaves you in awe if you get to witness that.

Liza is born and raised in Canada, living in Switzerland for 22 years already. She worked in different corporates in Switzerland before joining Deloitte where as managing partner she is one of the the female role models.

Recently she followed her heart and moved high up into the Swiss mountains where she combines her family life with the hectic professional life as CPO , talking about balance

She is the proud mother of 3 kids and when you hear Liza talk about rising her kids you can only be jealous. I am sure we will get to talk to that too.

Liza is passionate about leaving our earth as a better place and it is a true honour to have her in my show.

The 3 key take aways from this show, but believe me there is so much more so go over and listen to it! :

  • Soulful leadership is a lifelong journey. AND it is a deliberate choice. The habit of ' letting go' is an important element of that

  • If you are looking for change around you, remember that everybody is on their own journey and in order to create change you need to meet people ' where they are at'

  • Being a soulful leader without taking care of yourself is not possible! Taking care of your own energy is crucial in showing up as a soulful leader.

The tips from Liza for you or books that she mentioned:

She persisted, great books for girls on how to keep on going.

But this is not the whole story! Please take into account what we spoke about in the show, persistence is only 1 side of the story. For soulful leadership we will have to reconsider our relationship with concepts like persistence, grit and perseverance.

Drop the Ball, Tiffany Dufu: A classic on how to stop doing everything and start sharing responsibility and ownership as a mother and partner.

Mel Robbins; you can follow her on Instagram for down to earth and practical tips all around getting into (soulful) action

And here is the link to the Tedtalk on the importance of Humour in organisations and leadership. There's a mistaken belief in today's working world that leaders need to be serious all the time to be taken seriously. The research tells a different story. Based on the course they teach at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, behavioral scientist Jennifer Aaker and corporate strategist Naomi Bagdonas delve into the surprising power of humor: why it's a secret weapon to build bonds, power, creativity and resilience -- and how we can all have more of it.

Please go and listen to the show! Let me know what you think about it by leaving a review and don't forget to share!

The show can be found on Apple and Spotify and on the other podcast platforms!

Or listen to it right here!

What will YOU do this week to bring in more heart and soul into your life?

See you next week!



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