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21. How we are all in politics and responsible for a healthy democracy with Daniel Matteo

In this show I speak to the inspiring Daniel Matteo. Coach, trainer, consultant and host of the podcast Politicwise. Daniel created a space where Politics meets personal development. For everybody who is interested in political change and developing & growing as a person.

In his work he explores how to thrive in politics: through the podcast with political leaders, scientists and change-makers, and deep-dive articles. In today's show we discuss how we are ALL in politics, how we all have a responsibility for a healthy democracy and we talk about very small and concrete steps we can all take to contribute to a more thriving political context. Spoiler: You do NOT have to get politically active or even politically interested. We talk about the enormous stress professional politicians are under and how this effects all of us ( the podcast that I refer to in the show can be found here) most importantly we talk about what leadership means. In general and in the public domain more specifically. We talk Obama and Aristotle, community engagement and the power of stories. There is a lot in this show!

This show is for everybody who is interested in Leadership in the public domain. And of course it is for all those people active in the political arena. And for all of us, citizens, especially when elections are coming up in your country or region, please consider how YOU can contribute to a thriving, high performing context for our politicians, not because you like them, or you believe they are necessarily doing the right thing, but because it directly impacts the state of our democracy.

You can find the show on the platform where you listen to your podcasts or right here!

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