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  • barbara6976

18. My Wintersleep; sharing my own soulful journey with Barbara

Honouring the values Optimistic, Courageous, Loving, Kind and Authentic it is time to get real and share the journey from the past months with all of you.....

In this Episode it is just me talking to all of you. Sharing some of the lessons I learned the past months while being in my ' wintersleep'. Which is a comforting word for an intense period of growth and self-discovery.

In this episode I get personal and share about the little break I took the last months. The time after leaving my corporate job, that I used to rest, - re-treat, re-balance and make new choices.

It is honest and open and there is no hiding, because that is for me what being soulful is about!

My four lessons to start with:

  • Doing nothing is not easy in a world where being busy is a batch of honour. It is deeply engrained in me to do things. But we are human beings not human doings . I share what this was like for me

  • Although it did not always feel that way. I can now say; Energy does come back eventually. As soon as you learn to follow your energy levels instead of the demands of the world around you.

  • You can handle emotions. Allowing them to be there is scary but it costs a lot less energy than always pushing them away. I share what this was like for me and how important it is to organise support for this (friends, family, coaches, Therapists etc)

  • Creativity does not come on demand. Although we think we can always deliver when we are being asked to preform….. this is not how the process of creating works.

The reason why I share this very personal story (and believe me it is scary….) is because I so often see that people who are going through a big personal change, through difficult times, can feel so lonely,. Because they think something is wrong with them or because they believe they are the only one dealing with doubts, issues, pains. By sharing this I truly hope to contribute to normalising the periods of reflection as periods of growth. Encouraging you to keep on believing that you will be ok, all will be fine. Really-

If you need help in your own process of growth , I might be the right person to support you. Just reach out and we can explore!

You can listen to the podcast on your podcast platform (don't forget to leave a review!!) or listen to it here!

With love


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