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20. How stories can bring soul into your life with Maartje van Bavel

Today we talk about the power of STORIES and how stories are a vital part of bringing soul into your life.

I am talking to Maartje van Bavel . Maartje is de owner and CEO of The Speech Republic.

The Speech Republic is a company of Story telling experts. They help their clients to create authentic stories and they believe that through stories and communicating those stories with your whole being, one can change the world.

Maartje has been a Speech Coach for more than 10 years and as the owner of The Speech Republic she is also an entrepreneur and soulful leader herself.

As The Speech Republic says it Stories that are aligned with your actions are the stories that compel, that bind, that move and shake us to the core, pushing us beyond expectation. Those are stories that beat. In this episode we explore what is the difference between communication as " content dumping" and soulful story telling. Communication that connects people. We also explore what this means for leaders and how you can make a difference. Spoiler; it is about vulnerability, again!

You can listen to the podcast on your podcast platform (don't forget to leave a review!!) or listen to it here!

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