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19. When you do what feels right, you can never be wrong with Dominique Schreinemachers

In this episode I talk to Dominique Schreinemacher

Dominique has been an Airforce Pilot at the Dutch Airforce for 20 years. She is a behavioural psychologist, mediator and entrepreneur as she is leading her own company the BoostCompany where, together with a team of the best Pilots of the Dutch Airforce she helps leaders and organisations with their leadership skills, teamwork and personal growth

Dominique is one of the few female veteran Airforce Pilots and has been trained in the US by Vietnam Veterans. Top Gun right?

Dominique has served in war zones and is a popular inspirational speaker about all her experiences in the army.

When I met Dominique I was blown away by her pure and authentic energy, not going around the bushes and saying it exactly as she sees it. Authentic and down to earth. In this episode we talk about emotions, intuition and task orientation under extreme pressure, doing what feels right instead of having goals for everything and much much more. Dominique looked death straight into the eyes and is now using all her skills and experience to make the world a better place .

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With Love


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