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Let's Talk Soul-Business Podcast
Show Notes
  • barbara6976

The trailer is out! Let's talk Soul-business!

A dream coming true! I love to connect with inspiring people, I love to share stories and I believe I can make an impact by sharing all of this. So with all of that a new podcast is born! Because there is so much potential to be unleashed!

So yes there is a new kid on the block.

In this weekly show we talk about "Soul-Business". What happens when we bring heart and soul into working life? This podcast is for everybody who is looking for inspiration to go beyond just rationality in business life. Do you believe the only and best guide in business decisions should be excel sheets, quantitative data and rationality? This show is not for you. Do you believe or suspect there is more to good leadership than this ? Come and join us and you will get inspired!

On this blog every week I will share the show notes consisting of information about my guests, useful links from the show and of course the most important take-aways of the show.

You can now check out the trailer to hear what this is all about. And while I am new in the podcast world, I already figured out that ratings and reviews are very important so please rate and review and subscribe so you can join me as soon as the shows will be released.

The show can be found on Apple and Spotify and on the other podcast platforms!

Would love to hear what you think about it!


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