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16. How you can find your soul and be successful in life with Hitendra Wadhwa

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

With me today is Hitendra Wadhwa and I have to admit I am pretty nervous for today’s conversation. Let me explain why. We have not met before other than a very brief encounter before he was getting in the lift where afterwards the person I was having the meeting with gifted me his book that had just been released. And on my way back in the plane I opened the book….. It is not that often that you read a book or meet a person that just blows you away. It is not often that When you read a book and on every page you have at least twice a moment where you smile, scream, cry, nodd, or experience any other form of resonance. My guest today wrote a book like that.

As Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School and Founder of the Mentora Institute and Mentora Foundation, Hitendra has coached dozens of Fortune 100 C-suite executives and taught more than ten thousand MBAs, executives, doctors, lawyers, social activists and educators. His class on Personal Leadership & Success is one of the most popular at Columbia Business School, for which he has won the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

The book I just referred to is called “Inner Mastery, Outer Impact: How Your Five Core Energies Hold the Key to Success” that came out only in June 2022

In this book he shares the key principles for how to pursue succes by letting your true self shine through in everything you do. And for me this is also about redefining succes. His book is a wonderful combination of masterful storytelling about exemplary figures and everyday’s heroes , extensive scientific research and his insights coming from a lifelong study of world’s mystic traditions.

Hitendra’s mission is to discover, codify and teach the laws of success in life and leadership. His work has been covered by leading media including Fortune, Forbes, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN and more.

Previously, Wadhwa was a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company and the CEO/founder of a Silicon Valley start-up, Paramark, which was twice recognized as a Top-100 Internet technology company. He received his MBA and PhD from MIT’s Sloan School of Management

This show is very close to my heart as I truly believe that this is what life is about, and aligning our inner core with our outer succes is not only helping individuals to be more fulfilled but eventually this will also help humanity to advance.

Enjoy the show! You can find it on all podcast platforms or here below!

With Love


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