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17. How soulful leadership is our natural state, with Josephine Bertrams

We are back!!

I am so happy you are here with me again.

After a little wintersleep that I used to rest, recover and reset I am super excited to be back with you all again. Soon more about that wintersleep!

But for now, my first guest again in this new season!

As you might have noticed I often ask my guests to mention somebody they believe should be a guest on my podcast. And today’s guest has been mentioned in show nr 6 with Sophie Hermans, Chairman in the parliament of the biggest party in the Netherlands, as one of the people who inspire HER as a soulful leader.

Here she is:

Josephine Bertrams (also known as Fien) she is the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of HEINEKEN® USA. After nine years with the international PR and marketing consultancy firm Edelman in Amsterdam and London, Fien, a Dutch native, joined HEINEKEN. Throughout her tenure with the company, she fulfilled several communications and corporate affairs roles. She was involved in the launch of the company’s renewable energy program ‘Drop the C’ and profiling its low and no alcohol portfolio.

Since 2019 she is the head of the Corporate Affairs department of HEINEKEN in the US. Being responsible for topics like employee engagement, Corporate Communications and events, Media Relations and Government Affairs, she also drives the Sustainability and the DEI agenda for the US. So I am curious to learn why bringing in heart and soul is so important in this type of role. If not in any role.

Fien is living and working in New York and known as a soulful leader.

In this show we discuss the different elements of Soulful leadership. And we get very practical, for example how the simple question " How are you" can make a huge difference. IF you know how to use it and how to respond to the answer.

The people and books Fien gets inspired by are:

  • Michael Ventura and his work around Empathy

  • Brene Brown and her work around shame , mentioned many times already but for sure worth to watch her TedTalk (again!)

  • Brendon Burchard on high performing teams

You can find the show at one of the platforms where you listen to your podcast or here below.

Enjoy the show and don't forget to share and/ or leave a review on the platform where you listen to the show!

With love,


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