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15. From a life in the spotlights to a life with purpose, with Karin Lanz

This show I talk life, entrepreneurship', motherhood, messing up and much more with Swiss personality Karin Lanz.

Karin is born and raised in Switzerland and she has been working in Media for many years presenting various TV formats around the turn of the millennium for example Big Brother Switzerland. She has worked in front and behind the camera, and the media and acting world has been her focus for quite some time.

She has been in the Swiss and German spotlights for many years until a few years after the birth of her children.

Since then she has not only been discovering more about herself but she has also gone back to her original love for nature. With amazing dedication and commitment or as she says herself: with heart and soul, she has become an expert on the circular economy and since then launched her own company in cosmetics , No excuses Lanur. Worldwide this is the first fully certified cradle to cradle product and company.

I have seen this initial passion being turned into a company where no compromises or no excuses are being tolerated. Simply because she is convinced that things can and should be done in a different way. Karin is on a mission to show us that we CAN go back to a more natural state without waste and unnecessary pressure on our planet

In this conversation we will explore Karin’s personal and professional journey. From a life in the spotlights to where she is today.

As always, check out this show on your podcast platform or listen to it here!

With love


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