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14. Dr. Eva Schneider, about stress, psychological safety, burning on and burning out

With me today is Dr. Eva Schneider

Long time psychologist and therapist, Eva is an ambassador for mental health with a special focus on workplace mental wellbeing. Her mission is to empower organizations to start the conversation about mental health and embed it into their working culture. For Eva there are no taboos around mental health and she believes this should be the ‘ new normal’

Besides her work as a therapist she is active as a speaker, facilitator and mentor and works together with teams and leaders to promote their mental health literacy. Prior to that, Eva has collected experience in multiple fields of work including science and healthcare and has recently been active as Head of Psychology at where she was leading an international team of psychologists.

Being a mental health professional does not always come easy - Eva has experienced severe set backs with her own health and can truly empathize with what it means to work hard on your own bodily and emotional wellbeing. She currently lives in Berlin and loves to be in the sun whenever possible.

A few of the highlights we discuss:

  • How incorporating mental health within organisations requires responsibility and courage from leaders. To go into the unknown and the uncomfortable. But looking at the numbers , there is no other way!

  • Eva shares practical examples how organisations lead the way around the topic of mental health. If you want concrete suggestions ' how to' listen to this show!

  • We discuss how Psychological safety is the biggest lever for mental health and how this at the same time is a very important condition for innovation so there are many reasons to prioritise this as a leader

  • And last but not least we explore what stress is about, how we can recognise chronic stress and how often the stage of ' burning on' is being confused with our natural state where actually, it is the stage right before burning out.

If you are serious about your (mental) health and you want to educate yourself or if you sometimes ask yourself how stressed you actually are and what you can do about it; this episode is for you!

You can find the show on your platforms where you listen to your podcasts or right here!

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