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13. Finding a life of service; combining ambition and softness with Professor Marike Paulsson

It has been a while!

Starting the after the holiday- season with a very special one (ok I say that every time....)

This time I speak to Professor Marike Paulsson - Baldew. She is an extraordinary woman, one of the leading experts in international public law and human rights and a passionate advocate for finding a life full of ambition AND service.

In this episode she shares what bringing in heart and soul means to her.

Marike has worked and lived in Washington DC and shares her lessons and insights of working with inspring people like Madeleine Albright and what it is like to work at the heart of the American power-system. She decribes the dark sides of power and how she made choices in her life trying to bring in softness and following the lessons of her father striving for humbleness

Marike has very outspoken ideas around Gender equality and believes that we need to allow and acknowledge the difference between men and women before we can speak about true equality.

We talk about her passion, her Dutch upbringing, how she believes women always need to help each other and about her own process of finding a life of service.

And Marike shows that having a successful career is ultimately about living a fulfilling life. She has a very successful instagram account where she combines her lover for design and art with her advocacy work around female empowerment. She lives in Bahrein with her husband and her son.

You can find her inspiring Ted talk here and the Tedtalk by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield that we talk about in the show is here

Enjoy the show!

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