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09. How a Googler ends up as a Board Whisperer by following her heart, with Daphne Laan

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Today is a story about the unexpected becoming possible when following your heart. And how that not only leads to a fulfilling life but also to making an impact.

With me today is Daphne Laan

Daphne is a changemaker in head & heart with 20 years years experience in leadership & business in Technology, Media & Social Impact.

At Google Daphne was the Industry Head for the Technology Sector, the lead for Dealmaking and ecosystem development. As Lead for Women@Google NL, she undertook a bold experiment: What happens if you follow your heart in business and only do the things you enjoy?

Her claim and experience is that doors will then open unexpectedly…

After Google Daphne became the Managing Director of A Social Impact Enterprise The Down to Earth Collective. This started with a documentary that premiered at the UN Climate Conference in Paris before the negotiators came together and has become a global movement advocating a new perspective on life, a life more down to earth.

When the world was in lock-down DOWN to EARTH film launched online globally where it soon reached over 1M views. It is a film that is , as they call it themselves “ not to be consumed, its to be worked with” and it is a inspiration and hope for a world to come.

Daphne often shares her story on stage as a speaker as her mission is to bring freedom in thinking and doing.

In 2021 she co-initiated the Peace Summit Building Bridges Connecting Worlds bringing together dreamers, do-ers and thinkers for a bright future.

Daphne founded The Board Whisperers to bring new perspectives to the boardroom and beyond. They help to foster an active culture where everyone participates and adopts the power of creativity.

In this week's conversation you learn more about Daphne's personal journey; what happened to her when she started following her heart?

You learn more about the importance of real connection and how technology can be a force for good and you learn more about and much more.

What are you taking away from this conversation?

You can find the show on your podcast platforms and please don't forget to rate and review the show. It really makes a difference!

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