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07. How Clarity, Choices and Consequences drive a successful career with Reshma Ramachandran

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

With me today is Reshma Ramachandran .

Having grown up in rural India without access to reliable power, clean drinking water and other basic needs, her purpose to empower people to believe they have the power to choose and to enable them to go beyond their self-limiting beliefs has shaped Reshma's journey as a business leader over the last two decades.

Having lived in 13 countries across 3 continents so you can only imagine how much experience she has in working in and with multicultural teams , Reshma has positioned herself successfully as an innovative leader in solving complex business problems to enable reinventing organizations. In the several roles she has held, she was responsible for driving change and leading digital transformations leveraging the power of data and innovative business models. Her previous employers include ABB, Alstom and Accenture and

At the moment Reshma is the Senior Vice President & Chief Transformation Officer at The Adecco Group . For those who don’t know that is the number 1 in the employment & staffing industry and is based at their headquarters in Zurich.

She is one of few women of color in a senior management position in Switzerland. And In her role in transforming the business, one of the key pillars is diversity & inclusion, helping clients hire more ethnically diverse candidates and also walking the talk in her own organisation and team. Reshma is a mentor, coach and role model for many many people inspiring to constantly learn, up skill and unlock your power.

Reshma also sits on the Advisory Board of the World Women Foundation and is a keynote speaker at Women in Tech, Equality leaders, and Global Movement for Women in Tech and has received multiple rewards and recognitions.

Don't miss this show as it will leave you highly inspired giving you very tangible inspiration and tips for a human-centred leadership approach.

Almost impossible this time but let's stick to 3 key take aways

  • Saying NO means you will have to be willing to oversee and accept the consequences. Without clarity on the consequences you will not be able to make those choices

  • Striving for perfection is not part of a growth / learning mindset. If you are not able to accept failures and mistakes you will never be able to learn and it will keep you away from growing. As individuals and as organisations

  • How having a succesful career is not about having it all planned out, not even about concrete ambitions but about following the hunger to explore new horizon. Where role models will allow you to even consider those horizons.

The book and the leader mentioned by Reshma is Hubert Joly , the Heart of Business.

Share, review and rate this show as I am really curious how this inspires you to bring in more heart and soul into your daily life!

See you next week!



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