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05. The end of leadership? Exploring the future of how we work with Ruud Rikhof

Today we will be exploring the world ‘ from a distance’ .

With me is Ruud Rikhof who has been an HR executive for many many years in companies with progressive HR practices, like IBM, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis and UBS, where he held global roles and supported client populations of up to 20.000 employees.

Later he stepped into the field of entrepreneurship where he has founded the highly succesful Search and HR consultancy firm KennedyFitch.

He has written many articles and publications challenging the status quo and offering new perspectives on the way we organise and lead our organisations, you can find a selection of them below.

Ruud is a true community builder and networker. Walking with him through Zurich means you are getting to know the inner crowd right away. And he is not even from Zurich!

Ruud has a deep understanding of organisational design and transformations. Specialised in HR but I dare to say Ruud is somebody who has been positioning HR in the heart of business strategy long before this was ‘ the norm’ .

Ruud is bold and corougeaus and blame it on his Dutch roots, tells you the truth and nothing but the truth. Doing that in a charming and respectful manner of course

Ruud Lived and worked from the Netherlands, Austria, UK, Germany and Switzerland and I think he can be considered as a modern gypsy, enjoying the freedom of not having 1 single place to stay. He is married and you should see his face lit up when he is starting to talk about his children or grandson!

Ruud is a thought leader in the topic of the future of work , based on his expertise and deep understanding of the corporate world he offers unique guidance, inspires innovation and influences others

With Ruud you know for sure you will learn, you will be challenged and you will re-think what you thought was true. And so happened also during this conversation!

The main take-aways:

  1. Technology will be more and more a driver instead of (only) an enabler and this will make it possible that we will wrap work around life instead of life around work

  2. In the future we will organise work as a match between tasks and capabilities. With the use of technology this is already possible and it will fundamentally change the way we organise (ourselves around) work if not ends the organisations as we know them today

  3. The only thing Leadership should be about is the question : How can I best help you?

We get very practical when he explains what the consequences are if you apply his principles and beliefs about leadership and organising work in his own organisation.

You can find some of Ruud's work below

Ruud also shared who and what he is following, reading and watching. Please find an overview below and expand your own thinking!

You can find the show on all podcast platforms or here below.

See you next week!


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