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03. How soulful leadership leads to better business, with Anna Mattson, M&A partner McKinsey

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

This week I speak to the inspiring leader Anna Mattsson. Be ready to get challenged on all the stereotypes you might have about the world of M&A and Strategy consulting. Anna is different!

Anna is a partner at McKinsey, she leads the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice for Switzerland and coleads M&A strategy and portfolio for Life Sciences sector.

She is a globally recognized and highly succesful merger management and carve-out advisor , Anna has more than twenty years of M&A experience having supported more than 110 M&A deals, ranging from $200 million to $50 billion.

Anna also has extensive consulting, corporate, and private-equity experience. She regularly lectures on M&A topics at business schools across Europe and has authored numerous studies.

And for those who dont know, the field of Corporate Finance and M&A is traditionally known as ‘ a tough business where ratio, excel sheets and men dominate the world so I am really curious to learn from Anna about leading with heart and soul in this world

In addition to her work in the field of M&A, she is also passionate about diversity and has served in multiple roles and boards to further diversity and inclusion. Prior to McKinsey, Anna worked 17 years for Deloitte where she amongst other roles was part of the Swiss executive board as the Managing Partner for Talent

Anna does not choose the easy path, she stands for what she believes in, also when the going gets tough.

Anna is a single mother raising two beautiful kids, she is originally from Sweden, spending a big part of her childhood in Germany and now living in Switzerland. She is a passionate outdoor and sports person who seems to burst with energy all the time.

The type of person you ask yourself: HOW?

it is hard to choose only 3 take-aways from this show as there is so much in there but I will give it a try:

  1. Passion for your work is a necessary condition for a fulfilling life. It is not enough but it is very hard to feel fulfilled without passion for what you do.

  2. McKinsey research shows that for 86% of the employees the relationship with their manager determines their job satisfaction! As soulful leadership seems to attract people and build strong teams, there is a clear and strong business case around soulful leadership. Especially in the current talent market where there is a constant search for great talent.

  3. Soulful leadership is an important element in being successful in the M&A world. M&A deals hardly ever fail because of data, numbers or analytics. They fail because of people, diverging emotions and mismatching energies.

Anna also shares her belief in the business case of diversity and inclusion topics, a recommended reading on this can be found here

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UPDATE August 2022

A newer version with better sound quality has been released now. You can find it below or as the latest show on your podcast platform

What will you do this week to bring in more Heart and Soul into your working life?



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