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02. How Yoga can help us become better Leaders with Mirjam Haymann

In this show I talk to Mirjam Haymann,

Mirjam is teaching Yoga over 10 years in the studio, at teacher trainings, and private clients as well as offering workshops and mentoring. She is teaching and speaking at big events such as Wanderlust, Lululemon and various yoga festivals.

Mirjam is the co-founder of the yoga project EveryDay Hero, is a pre- and postnatal teacher as well as an activist and public speaker for a healthy and meaningful lifestyle.

As people kept on asking her advice as a mentor and/or a private teacher she recently created a new offering called the Yoga Mentorship

Mirjam has a law degree from the university in Luzern and studied Yoga in Hong Kong before bringing it back to Switzerland. Mirjam is wise, down-to earth, passionate and a bridge builder, between daily life and spirituality, between corporate life and yoga life, between people, between rationality and emotionality and so much more.

For me Mirjam is a Life artist understanding the essence of life which we will talk about in the show, I am so happy to call her a dear friend and I am humbled to also be her student. Every day again.

She is a mother of three, who are her everything.

There is so much wisdom in what Mirjam has to share so don't miss out on this episode. To already get you excited, this are my 3 key take-aways. I would love to hear yours!

  1. Soulful leadership is not possible without a true body - mind connection. Ignoring or neglecting the body leads to serious problems. Not only at individual but also at organisational and at a societal or global level. A yoga practice will help you to restore that connection. And it requires commitment, again and again.

  2. Our striving for perfection and the lack of vulnerability can lead to toxic cultures as it totally ignores or suppresses emotions. Emotions are part of being human and allowing them to be there eventually also makes us more human leaders.

  3. Spirituality is about moments of awakening. Moments of deep connection. Bringing connection into working life is so important. Let's all strive for that a bit more.

Please head over to your favourite platform and listen this episode. And don't forget to share, rate and review the show!

Did you not like it? Please let ME know, no need to let the whole world know ;), that way I can learn in this big new podcast world......

What will YOU do to bring in more heart and soul this week?




An extra gift for our Let's Talk Soul-Business Community!

As we really value you being part of this podcast community we would love to offer a special discount of 15% for everybody who would like to get Mirjam's Yoga Mentorship! An amazing opportunity to experience the benefits of a custom-made home practice and the professional guidance that will turn this into an experience you will take with you for a very long time (if not for the rest of your life....).

Especially for busy business travellers who can't always find their way to studio's a home practice is a great way to build this important routine for yourself.

You can find more information about the options here and in order to get started you can send an email with the reference SOULDISCOUNT

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