Barbara is a very experienced management consultant. Her style is characterized by powerful entrepreneurship and a sharp eye for strategic organisational development, change and renewal. She is able to accomplish sustainable organizational change with her sharp analyses, uniting qualities and inexhaustible energy. On all levels: from shop floor to board. As Partner of the company she designed the new strategic direction of the organisation and guided us to a learning organisation.

I felt well listened to. You summarized exactly what I was trying to say in a way that structured the thoughts clearly for me. Your questions also showed that you understood what I was saying. I think this rarely occurs correctly in many environments, but you nailed it. 

You kept all lessons positive. Even though these are areas where I struggle with, you were able to reframe them in a light that made me excited to tackle them.

The take-away actions are simple and I understand their added value. This will ensure I do them as opposed to other times I have tried to change behaviour.

Barbara's session with us was of tremendous help. She supported us to carve out our values for this project in order to have a very clear vision. Not only was her content impeccable, also her way of asking questions, of listening, leading us through the session was supportive and at the same time pushing us forward.
Her balanced mix of understanding and empathy combined with intelligent questions brought us further on our journey to step out into this world with more confidence.

More to come