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08. Leading with purpose, what does it mean and what does it look like with Eros Carletti

In this show I talk to Eros Carletti.

Eros is a senior vice president in Finance at Royal DSM and currently the Country president for DSM Switzerland.

He is originally from Italy and in this show we will find out how living in more than 20 countries already has influenced his Italian- DNA. Since 2016 he is living in Switzerland with his Wife and 3 children

Before joining DSM Eros has been with General Electric for 16 years. He has worked in multiple industries like Chemicals, power generation, Oil & Gas and Financial services.

And at this moment he is devoting all his time to Life science and Nutrition, not only via his daily work at DSM but also as a Advisory board member of the start up accelerator Thought for Food or as a board member of the start up Hologram sciences.

Eros is a born optimist and his glass is always half full instead of half empty. Respect and integrity are part of his core values as well as openness and collaboration and as many of the soulful leaders I am speaking to in this podcast he is a life long learner who is not afraid to openly share his failures as he sees them as learning opportunities. And in this show you will hear more how vulnerability as a leader is needed in order to be able to learn and lead.

In his daily work he believes that the Finance function plays a pivotal role in being a purpose driven organisations and seeing opportunities everywhere he believes that it is not only a responsibility for leaders to choose the path of responsible business models but it also creates new and exciting market opportunities

Believing that life can and needs to be lived to the fullest, constantly welcoming and embracing change I am really excited to have this conversation today exploring what it really means to be a purpose driven leader and to be the shaper of your own life.

3 takeaways to get you started......

  • The experience that being a good leader is not about what he gets done anymore, this is a given by now . In the current business context , what truly differentiates you as a leader is how you get things done

  • Rethinking the role of the Finance function in organisation opens the way to creativity and purpose. In a purpose driven organisation the finance function can be an enabler and driver for the purpose of the organisation instead of only having a controlling function

  • Soulful leadership is the best and maybe even the only way to get long term results and consists of

    • truly understanding each other

    • creating psychological safety

    • understanding and leveraging each other's strengths

But there is so much more in this show. Eros shares his own practices during the pandemic and how that helped him to keep going, what the impact is of being purpose driven on the ' Great Resignation' and how his Mother in law inspires him in his life.

In the show Eros refers a couple of times to what is called a ' Type A-personality' . There are many typologies out there and where, as Eros also says "the learning is always in the nuances", the typologies can help us to understand ourselves and the other a bit better!

You can find the show right here or at one of the podcast platforms.

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