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New Horizon; your programme to discover you

Sign up for New Horizon our 6-week online program, and reinvent your Expat life.

Let us help you find your groove in a foreign country. New Horizon will help you rediscover who you are, reconnect with your confidence and create deep bonds with a vibrant group of likeminded women.

Is this you?

You left your career, your friends and your family behind so your partner could work in Switzerland.

You envisioned that you would be able to thrive in this beautiful country as well, but in reality you have mainly been focusing on taking care of the kids, and more and more you feel as if there is more, as if you are not fully using all your potential. Whenever people ask you ‘so what do you do?’ you cringe. As if it would not be enough to say ‘ I am a stay at home mom’. 

At night, you wonder what is left of that radiant woman you once were. You feel lonely and useless. Your partner is busy at work and you feel that you can’t always share your worries and feelings like you used to.  Is this what the glamorous expat life feels like?

Yes, you’ve sent in job applications. But everybody knows that it is nearly impossible for expat women to find a job, especially when you aren’t fluent in German or French. And when you are honest you are not even sure what it is exactly that you would want. 

You have more or less accepted expat life as it is, but deep inside you, you know there is more to life than this. And when you are honest, you would love to find out what that looks like for you and how you can get there.

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Woman in the Nature

Are you ready?

Your investment for three sessions, coaching exercises, and guidance in between the sessions is 295CHF.

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