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Leadership development

Is this you?

Are you a (new) leader looking for your authentic leadership style that will unleash the full potential of the people around you? Or are you looking for help with the development of a specific group of leaders in your organisation? 

Did you know that how included and engaged people feel is being determined by their direct leader up to 70%? 

This means that what you as a leader or the leaders within your organisation do matters! 

Working with me will always be focussing on unleashing the full potential of leaders and aligning this with the (desired) values and behavioural traits needed in the organisation  

What does that mean:

I would be happy to help you with:

  • an individual 1:1 programme where we discover your authentic leadership style and link that to the organisational needs and desired outcomes 

  • developing and delivering group leadership programmes

Both the individual and the group programmes will start with:

  • defining what good looks like: what is expected and needed within the organisation and how does that drive the thriving culture (and through that the performance) 

  • defining the ' baseline'. How is one doing, where is development wanted or needed 

  • design and deliver to meet the developmental needs 

There are many roads that lead to Rome when talking about leadership development so if you are interested to unleash your(teams) full potential please get in touch! 

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